Why Are We Doing This?

the whole truth

the whole truth

One more thing. For those of you wondering WHY we’re doing this: a short story to share.

My favorite cable channel has become “ID” which stands for Investigation Discovery. Those who know me very well (and she was unfortunately on this list), know that I’ve always believed in the best about people. It would take a long time, lots of hurt, and nearly an act of God, to make me think that you weren’t deserving of compassion and respect, no matter what you did. The ID Channel came along for me, just as I was learning about the lengths to which I was seeing that this woman would go to in order to hide the deception and fraud she committed that I have now become aware of. (Please, no posts about “dangling participles” or whatever my “of” at the end of that sentence is/was). Back to the story: my eyes are now wide-open regarding the deceit and malice that many people find themselves to experience at the hands of those that they know and have trusted (as well as strangers, of course). My eyes needed to be opened. Having a polyanna view of the world as something that it is not, is nice to dream about and wish for, but can create havoc in your life if you are not at least aware that “yes” it CAN happen to you (so be diligent).

With shows like “Who The (Bleep) Did I Marry? ”, “The Injustice Files”, and “Frenemies”, well, let’s just say that a marathon of any of those shows on a rainy day is enough to make you pause before doing a lot of things that we all take for granted as being “safe”. What grips my attention are the shows where someone has just HAD IT. They’ve been victimized, were stalked, or had their money essentially taken by someone who had bad intentions right from the start. (that’s my story). They went to law enforcement, patiently waited for “the law” to bring their victimizer “to justice”, and watched as the slow-hand-of justice took its sweet time to decide to walk in their direction. They became painfully aware that “justice” is subject to budget cuts and restraints, slows down between certain hours as the government clock winds down between 4 and 5pm, and sometimes takes years to show up (if it shows up at all). And then, they decided to take some matters into their OWN hands. These are the people that scoured every database, trolled through internet discussion groups, called every person with the same last name as their victimizer in order to get a lead, and generally turned every stone over in order to get the information that they knew would be needed in order to get the authorities to move in a faster pace to get results sooner. No offense, I know that the FBI has its’ hands full with bombing suspects, terror plots, and all-manner of ill-conceived threats to deal with every day. Our police officers and agents do a great job, and I have the utmost respect for ALL that they do for us. But even they need a little help, now and then.


Someone very special to me told me recently about a new show on ID called “Karma’s A B*TCH!”. No, this site isn’t dedicated to bringing karma upon this woman. That’s not up to either of us. On a Sunday morning, about 2 weeks ago, I finally got the chance to see an episode of the new series. As if by design, the episode I saw was the story of Seemona Sumasar. I won’t spoil the surprise for you…I love the network, and anything I can do to help keep them around is great for me. What I will tell you is that if you look up her name, you will see stories about her on Today.com, NYTimes.com, and several other news sites. This woman was framed by her ex-boyfriend, in an elaborate scheme by him to make her look guilty so that she wouldn’t look “credible” to the police (who he knew were coming for him due to HIS crimes). Her story is the reason why we are doing what we are doing.. Appropriately, the episode on ID was called “Something Was Fishy”.

Thank you, to my special friend, and thank you to Seemona for sharing your story, and “one day, I think we will be comparing stories”!

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4 thoughts on “Why Are We Doing This?

  1. Bail bond queen

    When people only get slaps on the wrist, they become repeat offenders. When they repeat, they increase the stakes. When they increase the stakes, they increase the chances of getting caught.

  2. Fraud Detector

    Love it! Sometimes the only way to get people to stop their fraud is to light up the night skies with the stories of it. It does make a difference, trust me. Great job!

  3. Harold A

    People are ruthless, and will stop at nothing to get what they want. They will use people, tell lies to them, bribe them, change paperwork, and turn around and make it look like someone else did all of it. The only thing that ever has worked against people like them, is the truth and original documents from the source. Believe nothing that a known liar and thief tells you or shows you. Get proof from third parties who have the proof of what was given to whom.

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