What’s This All About?

She is a Pisces. I don’t pretend to know all the ins and outs of the astrological signs, but there are some ironies between what Astrology.com says about Pisces and what I’m experiencing with one particular one. Hmm, “hard to pin down”, “chameleons”, and “can have difficulty distinguishing fact from fantasy”. Now, to be fair (and since this is not an attack on all Pisces since I have 2 long-term friends of mine who also share this sign), I know of other people of other signs who are also those things, from time to time. But this woman… she is a special breed. You’ll learn that on this site, in time. Bear with me… the whole story is very interesting, with more twists and turns than the Indy 500.

Why am I calling this “to catch a fish”? Well, think for a moment about that, “catch a fish”. How easy do you think it is to catch a fish with a net? Easiest to do. And how many of you have caught a fish with a fishing hook and reel? Probably just as many, and it takes patience, but it is effective when you are using the right bait. And how many of you have caught one with your bare hands? Not many, right? That’s part of my point: when you’re trying to catch a fish, you will spend too much time if you try to catch them with your bare hands (if you can ever really do it). I should know, since I’ve been trying for the past 2 years to do just that! Then one day, a very close friend of mine, who happens to be an attorney, told me this: “when you are trying to fight someone who is hell-bent on lying and being slippery, the best way to catch them is with the truth”. But what if the person has lied so much that the truth has become distorted to appear as reality? You make them lie under oath, so that they lie where it counts. So together, we plan to catch a specific fish, and we’re using social media and the internet as our “net”.

We got the idea to do this from Facebook, actually. You can apparently create a page for a “cause”. There are pages that people have created with titles such as “who killed ______” and “missing person _____”. We consider this page to be one where we’re asking each of you, to help us by putting on your detective hat to help us to find THE TRUTH. The truth is out there somewhere, and we know that someone knows someone who knows something. Is it you?

There are a couple of things we are going to try to unravel through this site:
1) How easy is it for someone to defraud the Federal Government for years undetected?
2) Is it possible for someone to create a person out of thin air and get financial benefit from it for years?
3) Can a person take paperwork from a Federal agency, and submit an altered version of it to a related State agency, undetected, and get financial benefit?
4) Can a person claim a disability that doesn’t exist, and get paid for it?
5) How easy is it to conceal assets, stockpile money and give false statements on your Federal bankruptcy schedules under the alleged “penalty of perjury”?
6) How easy is it to claim that you live in a State that has no income taxes, in order to avoid paying taxes in another State where you do live (that has taxes)?
To email info that is not appropriate for to be published: fishy(at)tocatchafish.net

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  1. Clauvenda

    Maryland law: A libel plaintiff has to prove that a supposedly “false” statement, IS false. You have nothing to worry about here. If she tried to bring suit, her first problem is proving she did not commit BAH fraud. Unless she produces a verifiable husband, she fails to overcome what is HER burden to prove.

  2. Betty 11

    “They are extremely effective at manipulating their spouses, at persuading authority and in exploiting the system. They can easily fool therapists, doctors, judges, prosecutors and police officers.” Guess what that is? Hint: type of batterer

  3. KHM

    I am in favor of being drummed out of the military with a loss of benefits for such bad acts. I am also in favor of making it very public to ensure that everyone understands what the punishment can be for unacceptable acts of malfeasance, fraud and corruption.

  4. razltop

    Prosecuting under the UCMJ. Forced retirement to last rank in which they honorably served, is what is appropriate. That will slow people from doing such dishonorable deeds.

  5. C Stewart

    In this wonderful technology age, it is now easier to catch these crimes with the use of voiceprinting, IP address tracing, cryptography techniques, document examination, and the like. You would be surprised what one can uncover when a dog is determined to dig something up. The smallest clue can sometimes undo even the smartest person.

  6. Stranger Than Fiction

    Truth as defined by most Judges: “Whatever lawyers say. After all, they have taken an oath when becoming members of the bar. Therefore it is acceptable to assume that the unrepresented may not be saying the truth since they have taken no such oath.”

    Truth as defined by most Lawyers: “Whatever works.”

    This is from website http://caught.net/caught/myths.htm

    You too can get a lawyer who will say “whatever works”!

  7. D Lessing

    Entertaining site. Can’t wait to see how this all plays out in the end. These real life dramas are better than soap operas and is more real than the Real Housewives.

  8. Angie's Intel

    It is absurd that people can get away with this sort of thievery in modern times, scott free. Honestly, I am in favor of dragging them out into the open in front of their peers, in order to publicly have to answer for their crimes. Maybe that would make them think twice.

    1. Bootstrap Bomb

      Sometimes, people have help on the inside that helps them get away with the fraud for as long as they do. Round up the gang and bring them all in to pay.

  9. Diamondback

    Just like any crime investigation, you must look first at the outcome and backtrack from there. Most every crime leaves traces of how it was perpetrated. It only takes someone dedicated to uncovering it to find those traces.

  10. Hopkins fan

    What we have here is a symbolic representation of people being able to get away with what is really robbery simply because others are turning their heads as if they don’t see what they do see. We really do have a lot of work to do to make our system better.

  11. Pathways 19

    People are getting tired of seeing stories like this of people who don’t know how to act as it relates to government. Used to be entertaining. Now its disgraceful. People want change. They want it now.

  12. Amy K

    This situation puts the whole ‘secret clearance’ thing to shame. I don’t really see how someone can take that seriously when people can do things like this right under the nose of officials in our Federal government. This isn’t laziness, it is apathy.

  13. Ferriss W.

    Not sure what I can say that hasn’t already been written by others here. Some things need to be said loud enough and often enough to get attention. No one is perfect, but when you do the crime, you do the time.

  14. Payback Mantra

    I lost money dealing with this woman a few years ago. She convinced me that she had a foolproof way that I would make money with her, and I stupidly put my trust in her. Friends told me not to trust her and that you should never trust anyone as secretive as she is. They were right.

  15. Manhattan Blues

    I feel sorry for her. Somewhere along the way in her past she learned that this is okay to do, and no one taught her any different. I’m hoping that she does the right thing and gives all the money back to everyone that she owes. To me, life is too short to spend it with all of this shit weighing on your soul. Unless she thinks she isn’t worth it. That would be even sadder than this story.

  16. Ev Hamil

    Looks like all 6 points have been covered and the answer on the surface has been “yes you can”. The followup question is “How long do they get away with it all?”.

  17. Train the Trainer

    Those lacking in real power have to hijack it from others, or create a false image to even look themselves in the mirror. Their self esteem is so low that they go to great measures to artificially boost it for their own self preservation. Those are dangerous people because you’ll never know who they really are. They can’t let you.

  18. Eye on the Prize

    Stay away from people who are so private that it is a struggle to get to know who they really are. If they don’t want to let you in, there is probably a good reason for it. Dont ask, just walk away.

  19. Linda L

    A con artist learns at a young age how to lie. No one should feel bad that they were unfortunate to come up against someone who is a pro at being evil. The con is attracted to good because they make easy targets.

    1. It's Pitt baby

      Evil doesn’t prosper for long. It’s funny how people think that going to church someone erases the bad things they’ve done in their past. Definition of retribution: punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved.

  20. Chris E

    This girl has had 20 years to sharpen her knife, and has had many experiences to cut with it obviously. The question is, is the knife dull due to overuse, or is it sharp as ever from so much practice?

    1. It's Pitt baby

      Both. Sharp from use but dull because it wasn’t sharpened, out of arrogance and laziness. Dumb thieves are both. Keep those lawyers on retainer baby!

  21. Drop a Dime

    Prosecutors are used to dealing with people who give false statements and commit perjury. They know what to ask, and by the time they have asked a perp in an interview, they already have the evidence they need. At that point, if the perp chooses to peddle a false statement to an official, they are breaking yet another law that gets added to the list and their credibility is shot. Obstruction of justice can apply to anyone who thinks it’s no big deal to help the liar. Shame.

    1. The Fisherman

      We believe it is best to leave it up to the experts. They can be provided with helpful information, and then they can take it from there. They can tell a liar easier than many of us that have no taste for it.

  22. Pure and Simple

    The free world. We are free to make choices to try to make our lives better. If our choices are illegal ones, we face the consequences which may take away the freedoms that we once had. That is freedom, full circle.

    1. Had No Idea

      LOL, but just like Olivia Pope, she too has lots of attorneys retained in order to try to help her through crisis management in order to navigate all of the fraud she has done. Don’t be surprised by missing internet profiles and if you don’t see her. She’s working full-time now, deciding and planning how she is going to lie her way out of all the past lies and theft. She is who she is, and it’s who she has always been.

  23. Sylvia

    I love reading stories like this. A suggestion of another ID channel to watch. It’s called Surviving Evil. Will show how people got away from and fought back against evil people they encountered. You should write the producers about this story. It’s quite interesting.

    1. The Fisherman

      Coming. Had things to sort through. We try to update at least once a week with a new post but we plan to make it twice a week for the next few weeks so check back often.

  24. Pelican Brief 2

    Investing is risky business, and is why I don’t do it. Looking to get something for nothing may just make you wake up one day to find that for all of your sonethings you did, you have nothing (that matters). Hope you get peace soon from all of this drama.

  25. Lisa S

    The FBI is a little busy with the arrests of those doing human trafficking. It’s like going to the hospital. Come in the door having a heart attack, and you will be seen before the others already waiting. But everyone will eventually be seen.

  26. Aryel

    Have you seen the news lately? These sorts of stories aren’t even news anymore. It’s pretty much expected that maybe half the people in your life are lying to you in some way. Hold onto the ones who don’t, and kick to the curb those who demonstrate that they can’t treat you right.

  27. Anna

    Is why people shouldn’t throw stones when they live in glass houses. Now all of her windows are getting ready to be busted out because of her own stones! Gotta love it!

  28. Tbreezy

    Cute way to find out the truth. Freedom of Information, up a few notches. Attorneys really are helping her conceal fraud? They should be disbarred! If there is no statute of limitations for fraud, then there shouldn’t be any legal justification for an attorney covering for the fraud their client did.

    1. Joseph Wells

      It’s safe to say that anyone who is affiliated with these people, who do anything to “help” them, should be examined to see if they have been helping them commit fraud. When a friend helps you do it, they are just stupid. When an attorney does it, they just charge you money to keep your secret covered (risk), and use legal maneuvering to try to justify it all.

    2. Joe Banks

      Any lawyer would be a damn reckless fool to help these people cover up their fraud. A Federal prosecutor isn’t going to take kindly to hearing any excuses for why an attorney helped the fraudster conceal, as opposed to reporting them. No one’s fraud would be worth all the money spent on my legal education being flushed down the toilet by being involved in it. Any attorney knows that risk.

  29. Dandridge

    It’s appalling that this went on right under the noses of the very people that she was flying around on the planes. That unit was called something like the Air Guardians, according to the website link. If there really are three people in that same unit who conspired together for a scheme, they should be seriously looking further at that unit that unit to see what other illegal things they likely did. Secret clearance obviously means nothing really.

  30. Dawn T

    Finally got the chance to check this out. WOW. Guess you don’t know what people have done to get the money that you see them freely spending. Saw your girl at a party, walking around with a fur coat and expensive jewelry on PROFILING. Guess if you are too busy looking at the bling, you forget to inquire how they got it.

  31. Dara

    Kym, thanks for turning me onto this site. You know me well, and yes, this is what i’m passionate about. I’m sick of people feeling powerless when they see people doing things they know they shouldn’t be. Whete are the divisions that handle housing fraud? ? Tax evasion? Military housing fraud? And (i’m expecting to hear) disability fraud? I’m with the other reader i want my damn money back! I’m sending this site to the authorities.-

  32. P Henry

    No one wants to talk about how much crime and unetihical behavior affect morale in our country because we’re too busy reading all the stories of those who got away with it without proper punishment. Every dime taken from our government, was taken from our troops and people who need it (as opposed to WANT of these people). Is really sickening. Let’s see who will do something about it. Over a decade of theft and fraud.

    1. Tbreezy

      Instead of leaving her family with a legacy of honor and respect, she will leave them with disgrace and shame. Please say she isn’t part of the southern MD Proctors. Already tragic.

  33. Had No Idea

    I’m one of many friends of the person affected by this fishy person’s foul misdeeds. Here in DC, many of us have heard the horrible horrible situation she was in for years while she slaved over those houses by herself using her own money and time with no help from her selfish, non-existent business partner who many of us were seeing living the good life coast-to-coast. To learn that all of this fraud was being concealed by that woman, is horrendous and scary. A few people I know had been told something like “we were all fooled…”. No truer words were typed by the very person who apparently did all the fooling! We are so very sorry you have had to deal with all of this, MJ. This is what many of us fear ourselves. The same patience and persistence you had with those houses, though many of us couldn’t understand, will serve you well in this. You have our support and our love, always!

  34. James Davis

    How easy is it to fake a disability? The fact that it’s supposed to be “certified” by any old doctor, is itself a joke. Disability is the easiest thing to fake. Friend of mine has a doctor giving her shots for pain that she never had. Disgraceful.

  35. Anon in DC

    I know the person you are talking about. Used to brag all the time about how she was smarter than others and that people believe the “truth” that she wants them to. Very arrogant. You should look at a Dr Wilson, if you can. What she did, started there. Good luck.

  36. candace in MD

    Sociopaths are never happy unless they are manipulating people. Their family, so-called friends, co-workers, and our government. I think her lawyers were conned by her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy’s information was stolen to make up the husband for money. Look for a long list of people conned by her. No need for anyone to feel sorry for her. She isn’t.

  37. C Stewart

    Have been following cases like these for years. Sounds like another Bernie Madoff, of sorts. You should read Diana Henriques’ book, The Wizard of Lies- Bernie Madoff and the Death of Trust. Quite applicable are the following words: “..arrogantly certain of success, woefully deluded about what could go wrong, and selfishly indifferent to the damage done to others.” Took time, but we all know what happened to him!

  38. dockweiler

    Unscrupulous people, who have no regard for the uniform they wear, are who give our military and our government a bad name. You may not know, but the “integrity” of members of military is always expected and watched. “Conduct unbecoming” is not overlooked. Good luck!

  39. prescott2

    Not sure when it became fashionable to lie and try to get over in life, but it is certainly what i see in my line of work. Sounds like this person is used to getting handouts, like so many other people i know. I would suspect that our goverment is still taking care of her. Thiefs eventually make mistakes. Email if you would like help.

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