Using Surveillance to Catch Disability Fraud

Fraudulent claims for disability have been a problem for the Social Security Administration for years.  The ways that fraud investigators find the fraudster range from simply putting two and two together with documents, to relying on anonymous tips via their fraud hotline. In between, investigators often root out the fraudster from simply watching them.  It happens more and more these days.

THIS guy was receiving more than $6000 per month for his “disability”, but meanwhile was seen playing basketball, doing yardwork, and washing his boat that the author says was probably purchased using his disability payments.  He was getting money from SSA and Veteran’s Affairs.

THIS woman was caught committing worker’s comp fraud by using video surveillance.  One minute, she needed a cane and a brace, and the next she could function just fine without it.

The Social Security Administration has a Cooperative Disability Investigations Program that routinely employs the use of video surveillance in order to catch fraudsters.  A few of their cases can be read about by clicking HERE.  More can be found on video surveillance by clicking HERE.  An attorney did a nice writeup about the ways that surveillance is conducted.  It includes interviewing 3rd parties and reviewing information found on social media.

THIS story reports on the retired officers and firefighters who were charged with making fraudulent PTSD claims for disability to the Social Security Administration.  There were more than 100 of them. On their paperwork, apparently they kept writing that “I’m unable to perform any type of work activity in or out of the house”.  But they were found to be jet skiing, piloting planes and doing work.  If you write that you can’t do things, than don’t be seen or heard doing those things.  Period.

You should especially not be out in very public venues doing any of the things that you attested to not being able to do.  Being on The Price is Right, grabbing the big wheel when you are getting disability pay for a shoulder injury, is a no-no. Going zip-lining while on vacation with your partner, is another.  I’d like to know how they found out what Cathy Cashwell was doing while on vacation! (ooh, it’s probably by first checking bank and credit card statements and getting it confirmed from pictures!) It’s called malingering (faking an illness for personal gain).  The Form 3368 for a malingerer, makes for interesting and entertaining reading indeed!  A note to fraudsters: if the doctor you listed in Section 8 is someone who is known to certify for bogus claims, you may want to turn yourself in before you are caught. And shame on you for listing and wasting good meds that could be used for someone who really intends to take them.

How can you get away with disability fraud?  Here’s advice from the investigator written about in the story above: ““The best way and only way of beating the system is completely staying in your house, not leaving for three to five years.” Cathy, I bet you don’t have that smile you had on the Price is Right video now!

19 thoughts on “Using Surveillance to Catch Disability Fraud

  1. D Stovall

    And then there are the attorneys who would rather do wrong, and get paid, instead of doing right and standing up for the oaths they took. It’s not hard to find out which attorneys will work on your behalf to help you lie for benefits. Investigators should camp outside their offices. They would get an eyeful!

  2. Had No Idea

    we are all waiting to have her go to jail. She belongs in the “Orange is the New Black” series. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving person.

  3. Dawn T

    And I certainly hope that YOU have been watching your fish! She certainly sounds to be more than capable to do many things, including come after you every chance that she gets. Document everything. This seriously sounds like a movie! A horror movie.

  4. Cali Sunset

    Would photos of a certain someone on a boat living it up having fun count as surveillance? She certainly hasn’t stayed indoors as the investigator suggested. Social media is a wonderful ally. Black Pride coming up too? She’ll be out.

  5. Winny Paulsen

    There’s a reason people turn in people who commit these frauds- it’s wrong! As the saying goes, if you see something, say something.

  6. Treetop in MD

    Thanks for reaching back out. I’m back in the loop now. I said before that there isn’t a lot out there written about her and that it’s a red flag. It’s fairly obvious, with so much to hide, why that would be. She will get what she gets/deserves.

  7. Ani

    Neighbors are often contacted in order to fill in the details that the subject will conveniently and purposefully leave out. People get sloppy and greedy. That is when they get caught.

  8. Tyco 23

    People like this are making the case for Republicans for why entitlement programs should be abolished. They can so easily be taken advantage of by unscrupulous people and the lawyers who help them.

  9. Inside the Beltway

    I saw a guy a few days ago, working in a garage in Camp Springs who was filling out papers for SS disability during his break. He was working under the table at the garage, while certifying that he couldn’t work to get money benefits. I plan on reporting him.

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