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Sham Marriage and Bankruptcy Fraud

This was an interesting story that came out that we think is complementary to the focus of this site. It’s a story of a woman, Gabriela Rosa, who was a public servant, who faked her marriage to get something from the US (in her case, it was citizenship). Back in the 90s she perpetrated a fake marriage. Was there something in the water in the 90s that made people think it was okay to fake marriages? She was able to fly under the radar for many years, which also seems to be prevalent. And she also committed bankruptcy fraud for giving a false amount of income on her bankruptcy schedule. This seems to also be something that people think they can get away with. She seemed to believe that she wouldn’t have gotten caught had it not been for her being a public official, which we don’t agree with.


Short post this time, but it speaks for itself. Fish do get caught when they find themselves to be trapped in nets that they weren’t paying attention to. At least her husband was a real person.

When their financial nightmare becomes yours

saddest thing

There are a couple of things that just haven’t added up. First, in looking at one of the last loan applications completed for a Suntrust loan on 601 N Ellwood Ave in Baltimore city, you will see that both borrowers indicated that they were “single”. You’ll see that on page 1 attached:

Page one of loan app

Then, moving onto page 2 is where it was disclosed to the Suntrust loan officer (and signed off on settlement day) that something called “BAH” was extra income for borrower 1:

page two of loan app

And then, well you can see the date that this particularly loan application was completed, which was in June of 2006:

page three of loan app

Ok. So, now comes the tricky part. In those documents received from the FOIA request from the military, there appears to be some confusion as to whether or not Mr. Black is still the spouse. See for yourself. On this first page, the box for item 14 where it asks for “marital status” is checked “single”. Jumping down to box #22, Christopher’s first and last name are typed into block “a”, but block “b” (darn) has no social security number (do you have one?). See:

Download (PDF, 4.11MB)

And then, on the back side of the document, block #29 has typed into it “Estranged from spouse address unknown”. Block #30 requests the signature of Mr. Black because it asks for his permission so that the retiree can waive his right to retirement benefits and give them instead to the two beneficiaries listed on the first page. Likely, the form couldn’t be submitted without Mr. Black’s signature (or was rejected because they were making payments based on him being supported by those BAH payments). Anyway, Mr. Black indeed ended up coming to his wife’s rescue and being able to be located, signed the form in March 2006, and had a friend or buddy “James Miller” who lived in Florissant, MO, witness his signature. Clues as to where we may find Christopher Black, finally! James Miller is SUCH a common name, but there is a specific address listed on the document, see:

Download (PDF, 2.19MB)


Now, we are dealing with the US Government here, so I notice that there is a statement before the signature for the retiree that reads “Under penalties of perjury, I certify that the number of withholding exemptions claimed does not exceed… and that all statements on this form are made with full knowledge of the penalties for making false statements (18 US Code 287 and 1001 provide for a penalty of not more than $10,000 fin, or 5 years in prison, or both).” The Federal statute involves “false, fictitious or fraudulent claims”.

Why is this post referring to a financial NIGHTMARE, you ask? Simple. When one files in the Federal court, seeking protection from creditors, it is a right, but it’s also a privilege. See, if you want to get that protection and be able to discharge the debts that you no longer want to pay, the trustee relies on you being HONEST about those debts as well as your true ability to pay them. Can’t hide assets, can’t fail to disclose income or hide money, can’t transfer money for a time period before you file, can’t ring up credit card debt knowing what you are about to do (file), and you can’t discharge debts that were incurred as result of your FRAUD (whether false pretenses or actual fraud). See:

Download (PDF, 2.04MB)

At the same time when those loan documents were being executed with someone declaring to be “single”, monies that were based on being “married” were being declared on them in order to qualify for those mortgages in Baltimore city. Wonder if those seven loans would have been approved without that extra money factored into the equation? A case of:

Too late now

Too late now


So boys and girls, the lesson for today is what we will call the “Three Cs”. Just as you should be careful who you get into bed with, you should also be very Careful, Cautious and Check who you get into business with. For if you don’t, you may find yourself wishing that you could be free of the nightmare of dealing with them, only to realize that the nightmare is only beginning!

In keeping with the theme of this website: we’re looking for anyone at Suntrust Mortgage who CARES (oh, another “C”!) about this who can tell us the truth. Yes, there are foreclosures all around the country, but can you tell us for sure whether or not you plan on pursuing your rights to NOT have these debts discharged in bankruptcy? Inquiring minds wanna know!