Some Ground Rules…

We have some!

We have some!

We’re going to be very careful about what we write and post here, because this woman is one of the most litigious people that we’ve ever know. We’re going to use information that can be found by anyone publicly, and therefore, we’ll be dodging her accusation that her privacy was violated or identity stolen to obtain the information that will be displayed on this site. One of us has been involved in an on-going and monstrous legal battle with her for the past two years that many people have heard about. Even the retained attorney received accusations via motions that her identity had essentially been stolen in order to get the information that we’ve gotten. How stupid would anyone be to do such a thing when they are involved in a legal matter before the Court… (FYI: neither she nor her attorney are stupid). So of course, we’re going to be very careful not to make accusations that in any way can be construed as “slander”.

According to Merriam-Webster’s definition of slander that is on the internet, it is “the utterance of false charges or misrepresentations which defame and damage another’s reputation”.

So far, so good, we think. We haven’t done any of those things, and we implore youto think carefully about that definition, before you post anything here on this site. But if what you write is the truth that you can back up with facts, then POST TO YOUR HEART’S CONTENT!!


If at any time you feel that you have information that you’d rather not post for everyone here to see, we encourage you to submit it privately to either of us by using the email link that you will find on this site. It is fisher(at)tocatchafish(dot)net. We already have her social security (at least, the one that she was using for all the foolishness you will soon read about), date of birth, childhood home, previous employer, and various other bits of information that one would have when doing business with someone as we have. Eight (8) investment properties were purchased with this woman, so you can guess what info we already have. In addition, a FOIA request for information concerning her employment with the Air Force was done, and quite a bit of information pertinent to her time with them was received. She had written in a court filing that matters related to her employment as a flight attendant with DCANG on Andrews AFB before her 2007 retirement were matters of “national security”, and though we can’t see how in the world that could be possible since she no longer works there, we will echo her concerns here, and respectfully ask that you not divulge anything that could in any way be considered a security risk for our country or the Senators and other dignitaries that she and the rest of the 201st squadron shuttled around for those years she was employed to do so.

NOTE: (Had YOU done the FOIA that was done- say, you could actually do one for yourself using the same Form 180 that is available, you too would see that she retired in 2007, was a flight attendant, and was in the DCANG with the 201st. See below for details on that unit. Sounds like a neat job to have. Land Records could show you the jointly houses that she purchased in Baltimore City, and would even give you the addresses for them. To get your free account, just go to Maryland Land Records

Here’s a link to a site that tells you WHAT information you can get from a FOIA request, and at the bottom of that page, you will see a link to the actual form.

And here is a writeup that can found on the internet regarding the DCANG 201st squadron on Andrews Air Force Base:
To email info that is not appropriate for to be published: fishy(at)

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