She claims she is married

So, to start things off right, we need your help to find the alleged groom of our Pisces. In February 1994, a wedding occurred in Vegas between Gail Renai Proctor and a “Christopher Anthony Black”. According to the Clark County, NV records, Mr. Black was born on July 3, 1953, and resided in Temple Hills, MD. His mother’s name is Ijetta, and his father’s name is Charlie. Christopher, his mother, and father are all from South Carolina. You can see some of this information on the online search page for yourself.

Now, this was quite a surprise to many people, including the Suntrust loan officer who did most of the investment mortgages, since the marital status that she used on Federal loan applications signed from 2004 to 2006 were marked “single” by her. Allegedly, the IRS received tax returns from her that also indicated she was “single” for all of those years.

The FOIA documents related to her retirement that the military provided, show that he signed off on it for her in 2006. His signature was witnessed by a “James Miller”, who gave an address in Missouri. This is important, because when you are in the military and have a spouse, you get paid a lot of extra money per month for what is called BAH (basic assistance for housing) for the entire time that you are living with your spouse. So, from 1994 to 2007 (retirement), she was paid extra money by our United States Department of Defense for supporting a household with Mr. Black.

An extensive search was done to locate Christopher Anthony Black with those specific credentials, but none has been located. There are a number of people with that name, but we can’t find one that has that same date of birth AND very-distinctive mother’s first name. In fact and ironically, according to the FOIA documents received, there is someone who has the EXACT date of birth, mother and father’s first name, and State of birth as Ms. Proctor’s groom. Her immediate supervisor while at the DCANG shares those same stats, and even has a brother whose first-name is Christopher. Their last name is Samuel though. You tell us what you think is going on!! And if you have ANY information that you can share, please, remember the rules!

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  1. West Coast livin

    The supervisor, or his brother, is the HUSBAND! I get it now! So I guess that means that James Miller was either stupid enough to get involved in this fraud, or that is a fake name too. That address ought to be easy enough for police to run a check on. No one signing their name to any part of this fraud is squeaky clean. You may find a hit in the database. My money is on it being another fake name like the husband’s. Isn’t that a crime to knowingly put false information on federal documents?

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