Sham Marriage and Bankruptcy Fraud

This was an interesting story that came out that we think is complementary to the focus of this site. It’s a story of a woman, Gabriela Rosa, who was a public servant, who faked her marriage to get something from the US (in her case, it was citizenship). Back in the 90s she perpetrated a fake marriage. Was there something in the water in the 90s that made people think it was okay to fake marriages? She was able to fly under the radar for many years, which also seems to be prevalent. And she also committed bankruptcy fraud for giving a false amount of income on her bankruptcy schedule. This seems to also be something that people think they can get away with. She seemed to believe that she wouldn’t have gotten caught had it not been for her being a public official, which we don’t agree with.


Short post this time, but it speaks for itself. Fish do get caught when they find themselves to be trapped in nets that they weren’t paying attention to. At least her husband was a real person.

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