Other interesting and related sites

A story about a guy who was suspected of defrauding the military for BAH fraud:


Lots of stories about people in the military doing this, but it is a crime that we all pay for:


A nice blog done by a forensic accountant and fraud investigator. There’s a lot of fraud out there:


And then there is this one, which provides a great overview of many cases of fraud prosecuted for various reasons. Fraud costs all of us. Just look at the stories and you will see it.


And one of our favorites. This one deals with what happens when you run across a sociopath that you’ve trusted and who has defrauded you of your money. Fraud is everywhere, unfortunately, and it’s important to get to the roots of why people think they can defraud others:


And finally, a great one that we’ve reached out to called Fraud of the Day. Specifically deals with fraud against our government:

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