When Perpetrators Pretend to be Victims

Some of you have emailed asking for the next installment of the continuing saga. Here it is:

An investigator that I know told me recently that when solving crimes, he looks into the victim’s background for clues, looks into who would benefit from the crime that was committed, identifies who had the opportunity, and in cases of theft, looks at who had the knowledge that was needed in order to pull it off. He also told me that when people are nervous that they might be questioned about the opportunity aspect, they often times fabricate an alibi to support the notion that they were somewhere else. The same can be said when someone is trying to paint a picture that they were the victim. Weird right? Who would want to make themselves appear to be a victim?  And why?

In trying to make some sense out of events that have happened in my life over the past 2-3 years, I have consulted with various people from all sorts of professions. Victim playing and self-victimization is apparently a very real phenomenon, and I’ve included some reference links of it below for the readers. It got me thinking about some of the experiences that I have encountered that have had me scratching my head trying to decipher.

My ex, Gail R. Proctor, attempted to obtain a peace order against me. In response to threats that I felt I received, random and unexplained issues of security at my home, and after receiving information from Sprint that my personal cell phone account records had been stolen from an online account that wasn’t under my control (resulting in my having to change the provider and number), I felt it wise to try to get a peace order also. I suppose we both ultimately wanted PEACE. Though the one that I filed has been shielded from public view by Ms. Proctor’s petition (though always available to law enforcement along with all of my police reports about it), I purposefully have NOT petitioned for hers to be removed so that everyone can prominently see it. It is case number 0101SP082202012 and I believe it to be a symbol of victim-playing at its’ finest (now that I know what it is). She also responded to my peace order subsequently with a filing that contained specific references to my petition.

A few of the highlights: she stated that she believes the following statements that I made for my peace order were false:

*That I came home to find my garage door open and interior vulnerable (unless she was there, how would SHE know that I didn’t?)

*I told officers that I feared for my safety due to written documentation submitted by Proctor that she had a .25 caliber Beretta (yep, that’s right, that was done, I told police, and I feared for my safety)

*I told Proctor and her attorneys that I was cooperating with agencies in their investigations of her (again, yes it is true and there were 2 additional witnesses to it. Incidentally, just because one wasn’t aware in 2012 of any investigation doesn’t mean that one or two weren’t operating in the background).

*I supposedly used “dubious means” to contact Proctor’s friends, etc (actually, I’m being rather up-front about the whole thing. I don’t know how much clearer I could be with my intentions than I have been)

*The calls that Proctor references can supposedly be found on documents she has that “..were verified by Sprint’s subpoena compliance dept”. (that subpoena request is on file at the Court, and would show the very limited scope that phone calls for ONE SPECIFIC DAY were requested only. How exactly was information from other days made available to you and by whom? I know without a legal doubt that my online account WAS hacked into!)

Proctor mentions a tire on her SUV being slashed (sorry to hear that but flat tires happen, and apparently and conveniently just hours before our 2nd attempt of three to get her to do a Federal deposition). Now, why would the party who wants you to finally attend what a Federal Judge mandated, do something to impede your ability to do so? Sounds like self-victimization. Supposedly, a white car was driving down her one-way street and she was absolutely certain that it was me, she told the Judge. So certain, that she told that Judge that she ran out of her house and was chasing after this white car that was supposedly mine. When asked if she had a tag number, goose eggs (that means zero or no). Right behind the car, but not even a partial tag number? Interesting. Her statement also claims that I “..admitted to being on [her] street”. A simple check of the transcript will show anyone that no such admission was made by me to any Judge. Could it have been one of the white cars that is usually parked on her own street, according to Google Maps (info that I was patiently waiting to give to the Judge, but wasn’t asked because her case was dismissed). See, here are those cars.

Download (PDF, 452KB)

Next up, a troubling matter that needs mentioning on this site by me. An accusation has been made several times by Ms. Proctor that she believes that I illegally obtained records regarding her employment at Andrews Air Force base, instead of via the Form 180 mentioned in previous posts by my friends that Proctor herself was given in discovery by my legal counsel (I guess she didn’t take it seriously and thought it would yield nothing). In her old petition for a peace order, she wrote “Jareaux has lied to obtain any information that she thinks will destroy my character”. Didn’t need to lie to get anything that I’ve gotten, and the information regarding your own actions speaks for itself in regards to your “character”, Ms. Proctor. My counsel and I heard early this year that “civil and criminal penalties are forthcoming” (allegedly) by military officials. A quick call to the Pentagon dispelled that myth. Sometimes though, you have to think about things by putting yourself in the shoes and mind of who you are dealing with, like that investigator told me. Accordingly, I have learned to pay razor-sharp attention to documents that are given to me, and there it was, in plain sight (and shown below). Look at this document, and tell me what question comes to your mind.

Download (PDF, 58KB)

Are you wondering how a letter could have been received and utilized by Ms. Proctor that has her name and MY mailing address if she doesn’t live at my address? CORRECT! How is that possible? Who would have asked that a letter be sent to my house addressed to her? Her maybe? And if it was delivered, which is the implication, how did she get it if I wasn’t the one to give it to her? Well, perhaps some clues can be garnered from that same letter. Who signed it? Desirae Henderson. When? January 2013. Well, interestingly enough, Henderson’s division was contacted, and surprise surprise (or maybe not so much anymore)! She has been overseas ever since she was activated and assigned there by her command. She didn’t sign that document, though in August 2012 she signed the one that I have that has her signature (because she WAS there to sign it). I welcome anyone from the FBI or the military to ask me about this fact, along with other things on this website.

People may get mad when you find out the information that they hoped that you never would find. Those who would rather have everyone look at someone else, instead of at the information that they are trying to conceal that speaks volumes about them (and yes, their character), will attempt to flip the script and play the victim. (Boy that cried wolf, anyone?) Words are simply not sufficient anymore, and other evidence can usually trump lies. Thank goodness, there is a parked white car or two somewhere in the background of a picture, or an internet IP address noted in the logs of a hacked-into cell phone account, that tells the true story that is waiting for just the right opportunity in order to be told to the people that need to hear it. You only play your cards when you NEED to, and not until, and you ALWAYS hold onto your trump cards until you absolutely need to play them. I don’t need to make up a hand; I play the cards that I’m dealt! Thanks Dad, for that enduring lesson.

Oh, and an FYI: current images tell equally compelling stories. Cars on the street that belong to people (amazing what can be done with image enhancement) and photos showing mailboxes being wide open. It’s no wonder identity theft issues may be plaguing our antagonist.

Download (PDF, 143KB)

Download (PDF, 44KB)





50 thoughts on “When Perpetrators Pretend to be Victims

  1. Everbrand 2

    Lol. Running down the street chasing after a car, your honor. “I was trying to catch up to it so I could tell her to quit driving on my public street”. LOL.

  2. Pinochet87

    If she was and still is in business with you, then you have every right to learn all that you need to about who you are in business with. Anyone who doesn’t want questions to be asked, needs to keep to themselves. If I share money with you, your business is now mine.

  3. Pull the Plug

    Why would she compromise your cell phone account? Is she obsessed about what you are doing, or is it that she wants to keep tabs in order to find out who you are talking to? She’s scary.

    1. Carnivore in Private

      Wants to try to stay two steps ahead by finding out in advance who she is contacting. And the way to combat that is to get an additional burner cell phone that is registered to NO ONE in order to conduct the business you need to get done.

  4. Rule 16

    You probably aren’t surprised to hear that people hack into people’s account, and even clone their cell accounts these days. Pictures taken with phones can be tagged to specific locations, calls can be spoofed, and the owner’s location can be tracked by pinging cell towers. You probably know of only the tip of the iceberg on what she has done.

    1. The Fisherman

      Also tracking of computer keystrokes, internet network breaches, hacking of home security monitors, etc. For anyone who is determined, the possibilities are endless. People would be amazed to see, with the internet, just what information is possible to get on someone’s activities. There’s a lot you can tell from an IP address visiting a site!

  5. Winnie23

    I saw in the court record that there was a motion for abuse of subpeona power, and an order to return your financial documents ordered by the judge. It would be likely that they abused subpoena power in ways that you may not yet know of. Which attorney is the one who did it, Darlyn McLaughlin or David Shapiro?

  6. Stranger Than Fiction

    The gun reference was just a way to let you know that if you didn’t stop digging, you should be afraid of what she may do next. But from everything I know about this whole thing with her, all of her actions can pretty much be traced to that same message and intent. She never wanted you to get as far as you have. Fairly obvious to me.

  7. Robin G

    There are things that people will do on their own, and there are things that people can be made to do becaus they are who they are. We can always rely on that.

  8. It's Pitt baby

    That’s why you changed your number? OMG. I’m sure you know that it’s a crime in Maryland to obtain telephone records from someone without their consent. Check out if that subpoena was used in some illegal way by that lawyer too. Not like it won’t be the first time with her.

  9. David S

    She is all over the system now, and in a bad way. That’s awfully bold to play in all these legal arenas and think dots won’t be connected at some point.

  10. DCMim

    This chick’s gotta start over. Needs to come clean about all the shit. Second option: do what maybe comes natural and lie about who she is. Here’s a thought, start a new life and create a new identity. Hi, Mrs. Black!

  11. DC Still Stands

    That white cars piece is too funny! That would have been perfect to get onto the written record at that hearing. “Which white care was it?” LOL

  12. Poppin Purple

    One lie, okay. Two lies, watch out. All of this? There’s no way she can keep all of this straight anymore, unless she’s living her life as and with these lies. Maybe she is. So sad.

  13. Pure and Simple

    Bad move. Anyone with so much exposure to the government with their pay and disability pay shold be laying so low to the ground that they are almost invisible. Not wave a bright flag to draw all of this attention.

  14. Quad is Here

    If she has everything to lose, and it seems like she did, then she prob felt she had no choice but to pull out all the stops to try to stop you. Unfortunately, it should have been based on truth and not her warped perception of it.

  15. HU diva

    I usually wait to see what my opponent is working with, especially if they are trying to one up me. The bully types usually can’t help but try to clobber you with everything they have right up front. Then they get tired.

  16. Prescott2

    When you can’t rely on someone’s words, it is often best to force their hand. That way you can find out who really lied to whom. The day is coming.

  17. C Stewart

    Are you sure that the husband was a fake? I just don’t see why a person would dangle themselves out the way that she has in the system. If that husband ends up being a fake, she can thank herself for hooking her own self. That’s not just bold, but it’s more like stupid.

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