IS Maryland Missing More Money?

All homeowners in Maryland are assessed a tax on their property every year. The SDAT website has this to say about the property tax:

“Counties and cities depend on the property tax and a portion of the income tax to make up their budgets. The property tax makes up about 30% of the average county budget and over 35% of the average city budget. State government is primarily funded by the income tax and the sales tax.” You can read more by going HERE

Depending on where you live, your tax amount is calculated by taking the assessment of your home’s value and applying the tax rate to it in accordance with where the property is located. For every $100,000 that a property is valued, the taxes on it could be about $1000. So for a property valued at $300,000, it could be around $3000 per year. The actual property tax bill would give the exact numbers.

Someone asked the question on this website about Ms. Proctor’s annual property tax bill which was reading at Zero. We have to thank you for bringing this to our attention, because we too now have questions about it. How fortunate for her to not be assessed thousands of dollars each year on her house in Baltimore city. Geez, years without paying Maryland income taxes and then years of not having to pay the annual property tax bill! How much financial prosperity can one person have?

Well, it turns out that Ms. Proctor has somehow qualified for a complete exemption of her full annual property tax due to her alleged status of 100% disability. In Maryland, a veteran can get a break on their property tax bill, but not for a partial amount. Here’s what we mean: if you have a 50% disability, you won’t qualify because the State doesn’t give 50% breaks (unfortunately, we think). So for all of you veterans who have served our country and have a 25%, 50% or even a 75% service-related disability, Maryland won’t give you any tax break. Here is the actual form that the veteran has to complete:


Download (PDF, 137KB)

How do we know that Ms. Proctor got this 100% rating? Look no further than the courthouse mentioned extensively on this website, where you will find the document that she completed, and then search the net for confirmation. To make things easier, we’ve put them here for you. First, her completed form that she evidently submitted to the Supervisor of Assessments office:


Download (PDF, 177KB)

It does have a signature from Veteran’s Affairs, but through an investigation, we have learned that the Baltimore Veteran’s Affairs office used rubber stamps for the signature of “Cheryl Flohr” that you see on the form. Hmm, surely one doesn’t just need a rubber stamped signature to get a full exemption from the personal property tax do you? Well no, the form does actually state that the veteran needs to submit a copy of their DD-214 along with the form. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. Fortunately for us, we have Gail Renai Proctor’s DD-214 that was provided courtesy of a FOIA request. And here it is:

Download (PDF, 733KB)

Wait! Do you see what we see? At the bottom, in box #23? It indicates that the separation was a result of “retirement”. So, no mention in any way, shape or form of a medical discharge? No mention of anything medical except for the dental information contained in the #18 block. Surely you can’t be diagnosed as 100% disabled (and PTSD at that) as a result of some dental issue, can you?

So WHO exactly is it that would have written “post traumatic stress disorder” on that Maryland exemption form, and WHERE did they get their information?

Before you say “maybe the form wasn’t approved”, we will offer this: a link was found on the internet that takes you to the minutes for the Board of Estimates hearing that was done years ago when Proctor first requested this exemption. HERE is the link, and on page 28 you will find that “..she meets the status of a disabled individual..” according to what she provided to them. Below is the actual page.

Download (PDF, 43KB)

There must be a DD-214 that reads “medical discharge” somewhere out in the universe, though we don’t know where it would have come from. We couldn’t help but notice that box #30 of the DD-214 contained a request for a “copy” of the very form that would have needed to be submitted both to the veteran’s STATE VA office, as well as to the Maryland Assessor’s office. We assume that the tax exemption form was checked by someone at the State for accuracy, but who knows. And we assume that the Maryland VA office would have checked to ensure that the DD-214 copy that they received was the same as the one contained in the vet’s personnel records. But as usual, one and one does not equal two when we are looking at things related to the statements and finances of this fish, “under penalty of perjury”.

Note to the State of Maryland: you might want to go directly to a National Veteran’s Affairs source in order to corroborate any allegation of service-related 100% PTSD made by someone who was a “flight attendant”. You should be able to rely on the honesty of people, but some just aren’t. And a note to the US Government: unless your paperwork is inaccurate, and (if it is) her 100% PTSD rating extended back to the 90s, does it somehow explain the creation of a fictitious husband that SHE believes is real? Maybe!!

What do YOU think?

29 thoughts on “IS Maryland Missing More Money?

  1. Ani

    What kind of person would fake a disability in order to get out of paying for taxes? I know there are those who fake it to keep getting paid so they can sit around and do nothing. I just don’t understand all of this chaos done by one person.

  2. Train the Trainer

    Anyone checking needs to get the information and confirmations directly from the source instead of from her. She makes things appear the way that she wants you to believe them instead of how they are. People like that do it with their words and with documents they give you. Trust neither.

  3. Treetop in MD

    Where there is smoke, there is always fire. Can’t find much info on the net about her, but even that is a red flag. There are links to profiles that she has removed, which means she is busy managing perceptions. Hiding herself, as she clearly should with all that she has done. Did the crime, gotta do the time.

  4. Teddy R

    I raise my daughter to do the right thing, even when it doesn’t give her the best benefit. There is enough out there for all of us but greedy people who take more than their fair share are robbing from those who qualify for the help needed to get back on their feet. I tell her all the time that if you only think of yourself, you will find yourself being by yourself.

  5. Anon Needed

    I know this woman, and i believe you have your facts wrong. She is very capable, enters financial transactions easily, is very articulate about things going on in her life, and has never indicated to anyone around her that she ever had any problem with her job or duties there. I have known her for many years, and she is a retired military woman who has done nothing but enjoy her life to the fullest both during and after her service. She looks to be having fun whenever i have seen her out dining or playing. No friend of hers would say otherwise. This firm is not correct.

    1. Lies Will Get You Money

      I believe that the point is not whether she really is 100% disabled or not, but that she fraudulently is getting financial benefit from stating on forms that she is. I would imagine that there is some half-truth involved in this, and she has one group thinking she is one thing and another thinking another. She already seems to live a double life so I’m sure this was an easy con for her to pull off.

  6. Ask Away

    The problem may be that VA came under fire years ago for being slow to process ptsd claims for war vets. When they made it quicker, it enabled people to game the system to their advantage. That also means people stopped checking things. Checking equals delays, which needed to end.

  7. Jay M

    My father served in the Navy honorably for years. He witnessed the horrors of Iraq, and saw things that made him have nightmares for years. He has ptsd, but still only got 25%. The performance that someone faking it must have to put on, is mind boggling. When people are determined to cheat and game, they will find a way. How dishonorable.

  8. Mark Howard

    100% is no laughing matter. People who are don’t have great perception of what is real and what is distorted. A person really has to be severely incapacitated mentally to get that number. If she really is 100%, she shouldn’t be left by herself to do anything, let alone completing forms.

  9. Inside the Beltway

    This hits me at home. My mother has a disability, and i struggle each month to help her make do with a little bit of money and a lot of responsibility. I have no love for anyone who games the system and takes from those who really need it.

  10. Papillon

    I don’t like how in our country people rush to play the disabled card order to profit from it. Our vets come back from the war with serious problems that require legitimate help. I have no respect for those who take from those who need our help.

  11. Tonya Wells

    The loving ones listen to what people SAY and have hope that it is true. Smarter people listen, but pay more attention to the facts and to what isn’t said, but was DONE. Police, investigators, and prosecutors don’t hope. They are smart.

  12. shap law1

    It’s not supposed to be that easy to get rated at 100% PTSD, but I know you all know that already. Do you see what NIH says about how a person rated that way CANNOT function? 50% would be one thing, but 100%? All joking aside, such a person is severely diminished in their mental capacities and needs serious help in order to function properly in society. They are not themselves.

  13. It's Pitt baby

    Easy! She requested a copy, took it to her lab and doctored it, gave it to maryland guys and knew that the big vets don’t have time to check up on what was given to little vets in maryland. Add to it a quack doctor who will say you have mental issues (esp if you can put on a good show) and you have certifiable ptsd. Feelin bad for the guys who did serve and only got 75% who are struggling to keep it all together.

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