Avoiding Maryland Taxes With Fraud

State taxes. Many of us have them. We try to minimize them as best we can, to keep as much money as the law will allow in our pockets. There are many ways that a person can legally write-off expenses and deductions to change AMOUNT DUE to REFUND DUE. We all pay our fair-share of these taxes, so that the streets can be paved, schools can be kept open so that kids can thrive, and community services can be maintained. These services require tax money in order to operate, and without it, budgets are cut (with services therefore cut).

For the men and women in our armed forces who legitimately claim to be domiciled in or residents of States that do not have State income tax, ‘good for you’ that you get to take advantage of this benefit. Examples of such States are:

  • Alaska
  • Florida
  • Nevada
  • South Dakota
  • Washington

For this post, we are strictly going to talk about Maryland. According to the Comptroller of Maryland website (found HERE), a person is a “resident” if:

“Your permanent home is or was in Maryland (the law refers to this as your domicile). OR your permanent home is outside of Maryland, but you maintained a place of abode (that is, a place to live) in Maryland for more than six months of the tax year. If this applies to you and you were physically present in the state for 183 days or more, you must file a full-year resident return.”

The issue of “domicile” comes into play, and fortunately, the State of Maryland issued an Administrative Release that covers the matter thoroughly. You can find that writeup by clicking HERE or by reading the PDF below:

Download (PDF, 48KB)

In the military, a person can have a legal residence, which can be different than their ‘home of record’. Home of record is where they were when they enlisted or re-enlisted, and legal residence is where they conduct business and intend to live when they retire or leave the service. It is their permanent home, demonstrated by the activities they have already conducted and continue to conduct.

According to the linked website, a person can change their legal residence by completing a DD Form 2058. On that form is that all-too-familiar wording: “I certify that, to the best of my knowledge and belief, I have met all the requirements for legal residence or domicile in the state claimed above and that information provided is correct. I understand that the tax authorities of my former state of legal residence or domicile will be notified of this certificate.” Hmmm.

Supposedly, the military is REQUIRED to make sure that a servicemember isn’t changing their legal residence in order to avoid taxation. There are people whose jobs it is to answer such questions, when/if asked. You can see that written HERE. We found an Air Force writeup on legal residence, written by 1st Lt. Nicole Naeser that can be found HERE.

INTENT means everything, and one of the strongest ways to show it is with where you actually live and by where you register to VOTE. For those in the military, the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act allows them to do all of their residency things in the place where they have legal residence, as opposed to where they may be stationed (since that may frequently change).

So what would be the chances that 3 or more people who have ALL worked on the same Air Force base in Maryland, would ALL be registered to vote in the SAME Florida county for years? What if ALL of them owned houses in DC or Maryland, had cars registered there also, lived and worked in DC/MD, had spouses residing in DC/MD, and had DC or MD driver’s licenses the entire time?

Maryland tax evasion is a fraud of another sort, but one that will be explored via this site as additional information is obtained. Finding legitimate ways to lower your taxes is fine. CREATING a fictitious life to try to justify having NO taxes, is FRAUD (and greedy). Do YOU have information that can help? You know who we’re looking for, and you know where to cast your line if you know something that can help: fishy(at)tocatchafish.net

It is a CRIME, after all

It is a CRIME, after all

26 thoughts on “Avoiding Maryland Taxes With Fraud

  1. Roxann H

    When you look guilty, you ARE guilty in the court of public opinion. Perception is everything in the end. With this much fraud, she is already cooked.

  2. Feelin Bilal

    Dirty secrets always have a way of coming spilling out. People have to work hard to make sure they never will come out. People rarely are able to take them with them to their graves.

  3. Sylvia

    There is nothing cute about facing prison or jail time when you are approaching 60. Not a good look. Three words of wisdom for her- plead no contest. Do it before the people you mistakenly think will go down for you, roll over on you. Most people will roll. Happens all the time.

    1. The Fisherman

      It’s always entertaining to see who gives it up first in order to try to save themselves and be able to claim ‘they told me to do it’. We doubt that our heroine will be looking out for anyone but herself, as she should at this point. She has quite a bit to try to distance herself from, and fantastic tales to try to create for justification.

  4. Silver Fox

    This woman still lives in Maryland? How is she buying all of those houses, living in Maryland, working here, and not paying our taxes? Surely there is some penalty she should be made to pay for not filing for years. Isn’t tax evasion a crime?

    1. Logan

      Yes, tax evasion is a crime. Wesley Snipes anyone? But then someone who makes up a fake husband to get money wouldn’t think twice about avoiding taxes I would think.

  5. Steven Jefferson

    What i find interesting is that fraud has gotten easier to discover, thanks to the internet and some helpful laws that enable disclosure. Our government can’t do everything for us. Some things, we have to do for ourselves.

    1. Leonard B

      If you watch the show, you see that every person had to be brought to justice, every person failed to do the right thing on their own before getting caught, and none of them had remorse for the fraud they did. They never accept responsibility for what they did. It is always someone else’s fault. She’ll try to pin the blame for most of this on some unsuspecting person who unfortunately trusts her. That’s what people like this rely on.

  6. Winny Paulsen

    Ultimately, the responsibility falls on the servicemember to do the right thing. Yes, military officials could have checked into things and maybe even should have. But, when the military swears you in (that oath) it then becomes your responsibility to uphold that oath and act in ways in accordance with it. This is not a situation of the government dropping the ball. It’s one of people who have shamed it by their actions.

  7. Joe Banks

    Going to help you out here. Website exists that will give list of EVERYONE who used that courthouse address in that Florida county who is still in their system as being active or inactive. Apparently, inactive means that they haven’t been removed, but will be soon due to inactivity. This isn’t the whole list of people who EVER used that address-just those who didn’t ask to be removed or deactivated, or didn’t fall off from being inactive for a period of time (not voting). Here’s that list:


    To the hard-working Philly crew: It is easy to search to see which ones spent time at Andrews AFB. Interesting stuff. Happy searching!

      1. Russell S

        I wonder how many pe ople are doing it throughout Florida? That was just one county, and there were a lot of years to spread the word to friends and family about the con that worked. Well, the word is out now. Hope they have money saved for a rainy day. It’s getting ready to storm!

  8. Dandridge

    So, it would seem that the military notified the state of Maryland tax people that these people were leaving it to go to Florida. Whoever got those notifications should have noticed a pattern. That assumes that the military sent them, and that someone read them. Yes, crimes have been commited, but there are two parts: someone did it, and someone didn’t follow up and check. Laziness all around.

    1. The Fisherman

      Duly noted. Questions are being asked, to determine who did what to allow this to happen to the degree that it did. If anyone has exact knowledge of the procedures, please email us to save us some time. Stay tuned.

  9. Keeping Anon in MD

    I wonder if this woman is freely walking among folks as if she got away with it? I mean, does she keep to herself for fear that someone may be watching her, or is she bold and flashing around town as if she has nothing to hide? I would have trouble sleeping, and wouldnt leave my house if it had been me being gangster like that.

  10. Robert Powell

    I will admit that I was one of those people who have been watching this, but afraid to post anything for fear that someone would come after me. Our society has people cowering in fear while watching people literally and figuratively get away with murder. Today, I decided to put in my two cents to say that I applaud what you all are doing with this site. Many systems are broken obviously, to have allowed these sorts of things to go on without detection until now. I had never thought until now about how it really is costing ALL of us. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!

    1. Cali Sunset

      Won’t see a dime of that money until it’s stripped from her hands. She probably hid it away in some account somewhere that she’s listed as part owner only, to avoid bankruptcy detection. Easy for a detective to find though. Unless she herself has a false identity. Are you sure that’s really her name?

    1. admin Post author

      Some of the details are contained here on the site already. In this case, the Florida county is Okaloosa. The courthouse address in Crestview, FL was used for the voter registrations. This address was used by Ms. Proctor in the 1990s, up until after her retirement in 2007. We always ensure that we don’t compromise investigations by authorities, so we will wait to put the supporting documents online until later. Some things need to be a surprise 🙂

    1. Quad is Here

      The police are usually slow with things like this because it takes time to work behind-the-scenes to check up on what the perps have done, filed and said. They rarely take the word of what someone says, because, well, PEOPLE LIE (obviously as we see here). What matters are the documents that show what has been done. You get those first, so that when you go talk to the person about what they did, their lies will make them even MORE GUILTY in light of what the documents really show.

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