Crying “Wolf”, and the Documents That Called Her Bluff


Initially, it seemed like a cut-and-dry case of a woman veteran experiencing an unthinkable act of hatred by the hands of a horrible patron. The story of Dayna Morales, a gay former Marine and New Jersey restaurant worker, quickly spread on social media and in the news as people were simultaneously appalled and quick to believe her story. As the STORY goes, a customer allegedly refused to give her a money tip but gave her a tip about the reason why. Morales put a picture of the receipt, with the written “tip”, up on the internet. As sympathetic people rallied around her with their words and money, she raised the stakes a notch by claiming she was going to give a portion of the money she was receiving to the Wounded Warriors Project.

But wait! Days later, the family came forward to NBC4 to produce their copy of the receipt that showed that a money tip had been left for Morales. Although the story UPDATE reports that the family said it “…shows they paid a tip and didn’t write any such note”, their receipt wouldn’t show the note part since it is not a carbon copy of the merchant copy. The family showed their credit card statement which showed the total charge, which included a tip. When called to the carpet by the news station, the restaurant manager and owner wouldn’t produce the receipt that would have shown what got written.

But wait! More days went by, and an investigation ensued. That’s when things got really interesting. A source in the Pentagon confirmed that she had been dishonorably discharged from the Marines. A previous co-worker of Morales was contacted, and reported that she had suddenly quit her job at some point after having told co-workers that she had brain cancer. Apparently, the chic thing to do these days is to use a real or imagined medical ailment in order to gain sympathy and monetary benefit. No one thought that this sort of thing was only going on in the DMV area, but the similarities between this story and the Proctor/Jareaux story in Maryland are striking.

Documents tell stories, and the ones that are proven to be false and fabricated tell an even bigger story. People tell lies for reasons. Some are better at the game than others. Great job to the family that called this woman out on her lies. Morales is now being quiet. With all eyes on her now, her silence is telling a story also.

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14 thoughts on “Crying “Wolf”, and the Documents That Called Her Bluff

  1. Pinochet87

    It’s like what happens when you turn on the lights in a room full of roaches- they all run from the light to retreat to the dark corners.

  2. H Street blues

    The family did the right thing by remaining anonymous. No telling what they woman would do now that her game was exposed. The same caution you need to have with your ex.

  3. Winnie23

    That is so true. Someone who lies so much should be treated like they have to prove that they aren’t lying when they talk. They brought it on themselves.

  4. biron

    It’s a shame that people have to be skeptical of others who say they have a medical impairment, but you absolutely need to be. The people who really are sick, can blame the pathological liars and thiefs for why it comes to that.

  5. DCMim

    It was great seeing you out last weekend! I know you’ve seen a bump in the numbers. Been tellin everyone to take a look. You can thank me later 🙂

  6. Poppin Purple

    These stories get more and more interesting each time I visit. I bet they are only scratching the surface with Dana. Maybe she will learn, or maybe she will be like your ex and go down with the ship lies and all.

  7. Jay M

    The restaurant should have checked it out thoroughly first before being so quick to say that they were behind their employee and against the mouth that kept their doors open.

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