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Sham Marriage and Bankruptcy Fraud

This was an interesting story that came out that we think is complementary to the focus of this site. It’s a story of a woman, Gabriela Rosa, who was a public servant, who faked her marriage to get something from the US (in her case, it was citizenship). Back in the 90s she perpetrated a fake marriage. Was there something in the water in the 90s that made people think it was okay to fake marriages? She was able to fly under the radar for many years, which also seems to be prevalent. And she also committed bankruptcy fraud for giving a false amount of income on her bankruptcy schedule. This seems to also be something that people think they can get away with. She seemed to believe that she wouldn’t have gotten caught had it not been for her being a public official, which we don’t agree with.


Short post this time, but it speaks for itself. Fish do get caught when they find themselves to be trapped in nets that they weren’t paying attention to. At least her husband was a real person.

A Site Recap for Newbies

The site has expanded in ways that we didn’t originally plan, and since we have more planned for 2014, we wanted to pay homage to our original goals in order to do a check to see how we’ve done.

We originally sought to explore the following with our Pisces, Gail R. Proctor:

1) How easy is it for someone to defraud the Federal Government for years undetected?

2) Is it possible for someone to create a person out of thin air and get financial benefit from it for years?

3) Can a person take paperwork from a Federal agency, and submit an altered version of it to a related State agency, undetected, and get financial benefit?

4) Can a person claim a disability that doesn’t exist, and get paid for it?

5) How easy is it to conceal assets, stockpile money and give false statements on your Federal bankruptcy schedules under the alleged “penalty of perjury”?

6) How easy is it to claim that you live in a State that has no income taxes, in order to avoid paying taxes in another State where you do live (that has taxes)?

And here are the posts that have been done, that address each of the above subject areas.

It all surfaced on mortgage applications for houses that were secretively in bankruptcy:


Which led to the REAL fake husband of Ms. Gail Renai Proctor’s that appears to be:


Which led to finding this:


Is there disability fraud going on?

False claims of Florida residency in order to avoid paying Maryland taxes

Continuing to operate a business in Maryland without paying its MD personal property tax or filing a company tax returns with IRS

Making false statements in order to try to quiet someone who knows your Federal fraud:

Committing Bankruptcy fraud (same old pattern of fraudulent statements):

This one was a bonus, not on our original list.  Maryland First-Time Homebuyer fraud:


This is meant to be a recap for those who want to quickly know the main focus of this site.  More to come! Thanks for sharing us with your friends, and we appreciate your comments.

finding facts

The Importance of Passion and Persistence When Seeking Answers

There is a relatively well-known story of a woman, Barbara Bentley, who was married to the guy who went by the name Admiral John Perry. Barbara has written a book about her experience, called “A Dance With the Devil: A True Story of Marriage to a Psychopath”.

When things weren’t adding up about who her husband was claiming to be, and Barbara asked questions and poked around to find answers, he became very nasty towards her and ultimately tried to kill her. After he was detained, tried and convicted, she still lived in fear because she didn’t know if he had accomplices or insurance on her life. When he was released, he told people she knew that he was determined to cause her lots of trouble. There were other women who already feared him, one having been assaulted by him. During his attempted murder trial, he painted himself to be someone of failing health who was “taken advantage of by his younger wife”.  In her book, she says, “He was determined to drain me emotionally so he could profit financially”. He abused the legal system and used it to deliberately stall out things for as long as possible, much to the anger of Judges who encountered him. He just seemingly wasn’t happy unless things went HIS way. You can find some good info about her story, and a link to the NBC story done on him, by clicking HERE. Barbara found, through her investigating and persistence:


Bank signature cards that were supposed to require two signers not turned in by him

Stolen, blank letterhead from a university that he used to make it appear that he worked there

Forged, original w-2s where he was supposedly working

Her forged signature on refinance documents

He hired a person who looked like her to complete settlement

He pressed to be added to deed to her house; mad when she wouldn’t

His alleged Congressional Medal of Honor: he buried it so FBI wouldn’t find it (wasn’t his) (stolen valor)

He created a fake identity; investigation by FBI

Brace on neck: fake injury

She had to endure legal system Hell to try to get to the truth about who she was really married to, and what he was capable of, before finally divorcing him after financial devastation. Another story of a woman I’ve been in contact with is equally compelling, and has similar threads running through it.

Hera McLeod was in the court system in Montgomery County MD, and encountered the legal antics of her ex who was determined to undermine everything that she stood for. The number of docket entries in her case is almost as long as mine. Long story short, her ex was given unsupervised visitation with their son, despite his colorful and harmful past that he fought valiantly and paid to cover up, and on the (I think) 4th visit, he drowned the 15 month old boy after having taken out over $500,000 in life insurance policies on him shortly before. Hera is understandably grieving, and is furious at a system that allowed this to happen. You can see the overview of what happened, as she describes it, by clicking HERE. I love what she is doing, and she has quite a few readers who email her with their stories. Both of them learned afterwards how to fight in the same way that the ex was, and they share the same sentiment on the legal system and how it allows abuse by the unscrupulous. Hera’s thoughts on that can be found by clicking HERE. I have spoken to other people about the phenomenon of Legal Abuse Syndrome. More on that on another future post. I am appalled that Judges can be so desensitized to the cases before them, that they would do such things as she wrote as “you rolled your eyes, appeared to fall asleep on the bench, and opened up your computer as if to read your email”. You can read the letter she sent to that Judge by clicking HERE. She is suing the psychologist who gave her ex the clean bill of mental health to the courts, for $20 million. If she wins, and I hope that she does, I hope it will send a message to legal and court systems to pay closer attention to the important things and take your job more seriously. In the cases of both women, their ex ended up being dangerous threats to their personal safety. This often times happens when a person tried everything in their power to get you to do what they wanted, but didn’t succeed how they hoped. Sometimes, what they wanted is not written in any court document. Courts and the humans that operate them are often ill-equipped to recognize con men or women pulling a con. Both women, and many more, are shining a bright light on these problems and their stories. Barbara’s ex died while trying to con another woman, Hera’s is facing the music for his actions, and Seemona Sumasar’s ex got 32 years for his scheme. Change happens when people stand up and do something, even when evil is staring them in the face.  

never give up

Thanks to Jerry, Henry and Margaret!

truth not hidden

I love the movie, Jerry Maguire. He’s a sports agent, and he begins to realize that the industry that he is working in is deservedly having the reputation for dishonesty. He writes a “mission statement”, and circulates it to his co-workers in order to urge them to join him in getting back to the heart of the business (and by default, restore faith to it). He was fired, but went on to start his own agency that would operate with the principles in his mission statement. Hard-going at first, I suspect, because people were used to the way things were established by that point. Change is hard for us humans to decide to do, and even harder to actually do. In the end, due to his perseverance and insistence that “we’ll stay afloat” (things were financially tight with only one client), Jerry is able to help instill change in his client, in the perceptions of the fans (for a game), in the team owner renegotiating his client’s contract, and even in surrounding athletes who realize they are missing something with their representation. Love it, because I too believe as Margaret Mead did, that “Never doubt that a small group of committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

To my friends, and the new ones I’ve met through this site, I so appreciate all of your contributions to the site. Moreover, I appreciate your ideas to create and formulate this site, your time spent in actually creating it, and your dedication in helping to spread awareness of activities that need to change and end.

As many of you have heard me say, the circumstances that I have found myself in for the past two years are not ones that I would have chosen for myself. They chose me. Just as my business partner chose the actions that she did, I too had a choice as to how to respond. Through her attorneys, Darlyn R. McLaughlin and David B. Shapiro in Baltimore, MD, offers were made to me to “settle” the case. In each instance, I needed no time to think about it and simply waited for them to finish offering so that I could clearly tell them “there will be NO settlement”. What people don’t understand is that settling doesn’t actually make the issue go away. It only makes it not go forward in court. Our society has gotten used to taking the perceived easy way out, the path of least resistance, and the road where you get as much as you can while doing the least amount of work. While some of my friends were of the same mindset as me (“no way, you won’t settle. you’ve done nothing wrong.”), others were growing tired of hearing of the antics and, wishing for me to get on with my life, urged me to “give her what she wants”. My views are more in line with Henry David Thoreau: “The path of least resistance leads to crooked rivers and crooked men.” Had I settled, the things shown on this site (and the other issues that have yet to appear) would have likely forever been hidden. Not settling was not easy, but it WAS the best thing ultimately.

I have a son. Parents have the job of trying their best to raise their kids so that they will be best-equipped to handle “life” as each of us experience it. More important than the words that come out of my mouth, are the ACTIONS that he sees me do. He is watching me, whether I realize it or not, and he has been learning from me how he could (if he chooses to) maneuver in his life in the future. I have always taken that responsibility seriously. It means that I don’t just make my decisions for my own benefit, but for his future benefit as well. Life is not going to be easy for him. And the things that he will truly value, will be those things that he will find he had to work hard for (with the exception of my love, hopefully). My son will do great things in the world, because I encourage him not to take that path of least resistance. And he doesn’t see me taking it either. Not only does HE deserve that from me, but it’s also my contribution to the change I want to see in the world.

Do we live in a perfect world, with perfect people? Far from it. I’m certainly not perfect either, and have my flaws. I have been fortunate to have the family background that I had, that led me to have the strong convictions that I do about living with integrity and being a person of character who DOES SOMETHING about “wrong” when I encounter it. The personal integrity of the people featured on this website is their own to go to sleep with each night. While some talk of “Karma”, I prefer to think simply that “what goes around comes around”, and that “what has been done in the dark will be brought to the light”. To the extent that issues come that directly affect me, as the actions of my business partner, her various legal counsels and many other people yet to be featured on this site have, I have felt compelled to share the information with my friends (old and new) so that together, we can help make the change that Margaret Meade wrote about. From the comments on this site, it would appear that people are understanding that this “story” is not just mine, but belongs to you also since it ultimately is affecting you. Craftsmanship, and doing one’s job with integrity (caring enough to do so), extends far beyond the one-on-one encounter between the two initial parties of any transaction. Short cuts create inferior products. Doing just enough to get by, breeds an entitlement mentality, which leads to greed. We all end up paying more than was necessary when that happen. This site showcases that. It happens with bankruptcy fraud, tax evasion, mortgage fraud, military BAH fraud, disability fraud, false statements under penalty of perjury, witness tampering, voter registration fraud, and even marriage fraud in the “Sin City” of Vegas. There is more, thanks to all of YOUR efforts, but this list is long enough!

A girl can dream. That craftsmanship, integrity, ethics, good character, honesty and plain-old “doing the right thing even when no one else is looking”, will be the rule instead of the exception. I hope that in my son’s lifetime, he will live in a world where you don’t have to “trust but verify” in order to protect yourself. As one person commented: with patience and persistence, anything can be done. Thanks for the reminder.

In the meantime, Thoreau had it right.

A link to Jerry Maguire’s “mission statement” is HERE.

Apparently, it was inspired by a letter written by the (then-head of Disney) Jeffrey Katzenberg to his fellow execs. He left Disney 3 years later, and started Dreamworks with Steven Spielberg and David Geffen. Read HERE. It is long.

Mystery of “the husband” has been solved!

We thought it fitting that today, July 3rd, be the day to announce that we have concluded the search for the extremely elusive Christopher Anthony Black. Initially and according to reports, there was allegedly a person with that name born in South Carolina on July 3, 1953 with parents named “Charlie” and “Ijetta”. We have to thank the two people who really came through for us and did an exhaustive search for this man who allegedly professed his love to his bride at the Little White Chapel in Vegas back in February of 1994 (and supposedly lived in Temple Hills, MD with her while she did her thing nearby at Andrews AFB).

Turns out that there are some people of note that share that same birthday. A few:

Bob Carrington played in the NBA for the Clippers

Richard Michelson is a poet and children’s book author

The bassist Chubby Jackson had a son, Duffy Jackson, who was a drummer for Count Basie

NY Appellate Court Judge James McGuire


Our search for the name “Saulters” in South Carolina initially proved disappointing. There are 10 of them, according to

Download (PDF, 103KB)

“Ijetta” is, as it turns out, an extremely RARE first name. Doing a search yields this one: CLICK HERE


But when a very helpful and resourceful person started REALLY digging, she found that low and behold there IS actually an “Ijetta Saulters” who walked the face of the Earth! And guess what? She DID have a son who was born on July 3, 1953! And that’s not all. She DOES have a husband named “Charlie”! AND, they all spent some time in South Carolina! Unfortunately, her son’s name was NOT Christopher Anthony Black. But she does have a son whose first name IS Christopher. And the best news is, she is STILL living, right in our Nation’s capitol! What luck!

Wasn’t it written somewhere else on this website that within every great lie is a shred of truth?

The person who really is “Christopher Anthony Black” was contacted, a few times in fact, in the hopes that he would come forward with the truth, or at least act surprised that his identity seems to have been utilized to perpetrate fraud against multiple levels of government and people. There are now a few agencies that have been made aware of this issue, along with the supporting documentation to go along with it. Those watching this site already know WHO the “husband” is. On this, his 60th birthday, he has the ability to make his hands clean with this matter and make ‘right’, what has been wrong for far too long. There are at least 3 people who appear to be involved with this mess, all previously working on Andrews AFB, but that number may possibly rise with the continuing investigation. There are far more people looking to uncover the extent of this sham, than there are those trying to keep it hidden. As was promised with the launch of this site: the TRUTH will be set free!

Happy Birthday to ALL who were born on this day! Especially you, “Christopher”!

happy bday3

When their financial nightmare becomes yours

saddest thing

There are a couple of things that just haven’t added up. First, in looking at one of the last loan applications completed for a Suntrust loan on 601 N Ellwood Ave in Baltimore city, you will see that both borrowers indicated that they were “single”. You’ll see that on page 1 attached:

Page one of loan app

Then, moving onto page 2 is where it was disclosed to the Suntrust loan officer (and signed off on settlement day) that something called “BAH” was extra income for borrower 1:

page two of loan app

And then, well you can see the date that this particularly loan application was completed, which was in June of 2006:

page three of loan app

Ok. So, now comes the tricky part. In those documents received from the FOIA request from the military, there appears to be some confusion as to whether or not Mr. Black is still the spouse. See for yourself. On this first page, the box for item 14 where it asks for “marital status” is checked “single”. Jumping down to box #22, Christopher’s first and last name are typed into block “a”, but block “b” (darn) has no social security number (do you have one?). See:

Download (PDF, 4.11MB)

And then, on the back side of the document, block #29 has typed into it “Estranged from spouse address unknown”. Block #30 requests the signature of Mr. Black because it asks for his permission so that the retiree can waive his right to retirement benefits and give them instead to the two beneficiaries listed on the first page. Likely, the form couldn’t be submitted without Mr. Black’s signature (or was rejected because they were making payments based on him being supported by those BAH payments). Anyway, Mr. Black indeed ended up coming to his wife’s rescue and being able to be located, signed the form in March 2006, and had a friend or buddy “James Miller” who lived in Florissant, MO, witness his signature. Clues as to where we may find Christopher Black, finally! James Miller is SUCH a common name, but there is a specific address listed on the document, see:

Download (PDF, 2.19MB)


Now, we are dealing with the US Government here, so I notice that there is a statement before the signature for the retiree that reads “Under penalties of perjury, I certify that the number of withholding exemptions claimed does not exceed… and that all statements on this form are made with full knowledge of the penalties for making false statements (18 US Code 287 and 1001 provide for a penalty of not more than $10,000 fin, or 5 years in prison, or both).” The Federal statute involves “false, fictitious or fraudulent claims”.

Why is this post referring to a financial NIGHTMARE, you ask? Simple. When one files in the Federal court, seeking protection from creditors, it is a right, but it’s also a privilege. See, if you want to get that protection and be able to discharge the debts that you no longer want to pay, the trustee relies on you being HONEST about those debts as well as your true ability to pay them. Can’t hide assets, can’t fail to disclose income or hide money, can’t transfer money for a time period before you file, can’t ring up credit card debt knowing what you are about to do (file), and you can’t discharge debts that were incurred as result of your FRAUD (whether false pretenses or actual fraud). See:

Download (PDF, 2.04MB)

At the same time when those loan documents were being executed with someone declaring to be “single”, monies that were based on being “married” were being declared on them in order to qualify for those mortgages in Baltimore city. Wonder if those seven loans would have been approved without that extra money factored into the equation? A case of:

Too late now

Too late now


So boys and girls, the lesson for today is what we will call the “Three Cs”. Just as you should be careful who you get into bed with, you should also be very Careful, Cautious and Check who you get into business with. For if you don’t, you may find yourself wishing that you could be free of the nightmare of dealing with them, only to realize that the nightmare is only beginning!

In keeping with the theme of this website: we’re looking for anyone at Suntrust Mortgage who CARES (oh, another “C”!) about this who can tell us the truth. Yes, there are foreclosures all around the country, but can you tell us for sure whether or not you plan on pursuing your rights to NOT have these debts discharged in bankruptcy? Inquiring minds wanna know!



Mr. Black will be turning 60

Mr. Christopher Anthony Black will be turning 60 on July 3rd of this year. Apparently, he IS still alive, as he has apparently been communicating with Ms. Proctor as recently as this year. According to a Federal deposition transcript that I’ve looked at, Ms. Proctor said that Ms. Jareaux contacted her husband’s family, and that his family contacted him about it. This led to him calling Ms. Proctor to find out “why”.

The answer to the question of “why” is that the State of Maryland is one of those states where the spouses HAVE rights to the marital property of their spouses. So, Mr. Black, since Ms. Jareaux owns a house with your wife that has no mortgage, and it is titled in a way that gives YOU rights, you are being sought for questioning. You probably already know that you are entitled to half of her retirement pay, BY LAW, and surely you know that she did retire since you signed off on her retirement form with the military in 2006 so that she could. Ms. Jareaux doesn’t remember actually speaking to any family member of yours, but since Ms. Proctor testified that she did, then perhaps word of all of this will get to you?

In the meantime, in order to have people help us to locate you for questioning, I am uploading a copy of the marriage license that is on file with the Clark County, NV clerk’s office that I have received in the mail for the low-low and very reasonable price of $1.00. This will help people to determine WHICH Christopher Anthony Black is the right one. They can see your signature, and the information that you told the clerk back on that memorable day in 1994 when you said your nuptials to your beloved wife, Gail. Do you exist? Well certainly you must, since the Nevada clerk’s office website reads:

Per Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS) 122.200, “Any person who shall make a false statement in procuring a marriage license with reference to any matter required by NRS 122.040 and 122.050 to be stated under oath shall be guilty of a gross misdemeanor.”

You can see it for yourself by going here

I mean, granted, it would have been a lot easier to find you if you had done this at a time when they required you to give a social security number like they do now. I suppose with all the craziness that is known to happen in Vegas, they decided at some point to be able to hold people accountable by making them give their SSN.

In the meantime, what happens in Vegas (or in this case, what happened) isn’t going to stay in Vegas, so please contact us. You may find yourself to one day be the co-owner of a house at 1847 Ramsay in Baltimore City, MD. Now that it’s come out that you supposedly exist, don’t you think it’s time for you and Ms. Jareaux to meet? There are so many people that want to meet you.

Download (PDF, 79KB)



She claims she is married

So, to start things off right, we need your help to find the alleged groom of our Pisces. In February 1994, a wedding occurred in Vegas between Gail Renai Proctor and a “Christopher Anthony Black”. According to the Clark County, NV records, Mr. Black was born on July 3, 1953, and resided in Temple Hills, MD. His mother’s name is Ijetta, and his father’s name is Charlie. Christopher, his mother, and father are all from South Carolina. You can see some of this information on the online search page for yourself.

Now, this was quite a surprise to many people, including the Suntrust loan officer who did most of the investment mortgages, since the marital status that she used on Federal loan applications signed from 2004 to 2006 were marked “single” by her. Allegedly, the IRS received tax returns from her that also indicated she was “single” for all of those years.

The FOIA documents related to her retirement that the military provided, show that he signed off on it for her in 2006. His signature was witnessed by a “James Miller”, who gave an address in Missouri. This is important, because when you are in the military and have a spouse, you get paid a lot of extra money per month for what is called BAH (basic assistance for housing) for the entire time that you are living with your spouse. So, from 1994 to 2007 (retirement), she was paid extra money by our United States Department of Defense for supporting a household with Mr. Black.

An extensive search was done to locate Christopher Anthony Black with those specific credentials, but none has been located. There are a number of people with that name, but we can’t find one that has that same date of birth AND very-distinctive mother’s first name. In fact and ironically, according to the FOIA documents received, there is someone who has the EXACT date of birth, mother and father’s first name, and State of birth as Ms. Proctor’s groom. Her immediate supervisor while at the DCANG shares those same stats, and even has a brother whose first-name is Christopher. Their last name is Samuel though. You tell us what you think is going on!! And if you have ANY information that you can share, please, remember the rules!

Here’s the link that makes us scratch our heads:

Email for info not suitable to be published: fishy(at)