Mystery of “the husband” has been solved!

We thought it fitting that today, July 3rd, be the day to announce that we have concluded the search for the extremely elusive Christopher Anthony Black. Initially and according to reports, there was allegedly a person with that name born in South Carolina on July 3, 1953 with parents named “Charlie” and “Ijetta”. We have to thank the two people who really came through for us and did an exhaustive search for this man who allegedly professed his love to his bride at the Little White Chapel in Vegas back in February of 1994 (and supposedly lived in Temple Hills, MD with her while she did her thing nearby at Andrews AFB).

Turns out that there are some people of note that share that same birthday. A few:

Bob Carrington played in the NBA for the Clippers

Richard Michelson is a poet and children’s book author

The bassist Chubby Jackson had a son, Duffy Jackson, who was a drummer for Count Basie

NY Appellate Court Judge James McGuire


Our search for the name “Saulters” in South Carolina initially proved disappointing. There are 10 of them, according to

Download (PDF, 103KB)

“Ijetta” is, as it turns out, an extremely RARE first name. Doing a search yields this one: CLICK HERE


But when a very helpful and resourceful person started REALLY digging, she found that low and behold there IS actually an “Ijetta Saulters” who walked the face of the Earth! And guess what? She DID have a son who was born on July 3, 1953! And that’s not all. She DOES have a husband named “Charlie”! AND, they all spent some time in South Carolina! Unfortunately, her son’s name was NOT Christopher Anthony Black. But she does have a son whose first name IS Christopher. And the best news is, she is STILL living, right in our Nation’s capitol! What luck!

Wasn’t it written somewhere else on this website that within every great lie is a shred of truth?

The person who really is “Christopher Anthony Black” was contacted, a few times in fact, in the hopes that he would come forward with the truth, or at least act surprised that his identity seems to have been utilized to perpetrate fraud against multiple levels of government and people. There are now a few agencies that have been made aware of this issue, along with the supporting documentation to go along with it. Those watching this site already know WHO the “husband” is. On this, his 60th birthday, he has the ability to make his hands clean with this matter and make ‘right’, what has been wrong for far too long. There are at least 3 people who appear to be involved with this mess, all previously working on Andrews AFB, but that number may possibly rise with the continuing investigation. There are far more people looking to uncover the extent of this sham, than there are those trying to keep it hidden. As was promised with the launch of this site: the TRUTH will be set free!

Happy Birthday to ALL who were born on this day! Especially you, “Christopher”!

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15 thoughts on “Mystery of “the husband” has been solved!

  1. Roxann H

    “Greed is good.” That’s from that old movie Wall Street. The name Gordon Gecko is remembered by all of us from the 80s. There are too many people who took those words to heart. We all pay the price for it.

  2. Steven Jefferson

    I am career military, living in Texas. There are many who do arranged marriages in order to get the extra BAH money, but there are also many who get caught because they thought no one was watching. Not sure how someone who didn’t exist, slipped through detection. I would like to know how that happened.

  3. Truth Will Set You Free

    Unless the fake husband got money each month from the scam, he was probably her victim also. So, you can add identity theft onto her growing list of crimes. He should prosecute her for getting him into this mess.

  4. Raleigh Knows Better

    Seriously? Creating a person in order to get more money and steal from the government and country you took an oath to serve? Did she get life insurance on him too, since the government didn’t seem to know that he didn’t exist? Maybe you can’t find record of him because he’s conveniently dead now. Died in a plane crash, and your business partner, the widow, retired because she’s living off the insurance money. Don’t say it’s not possible, because who would have thought THIS was?

  5. James Davis

    The government should make this a priority to go after people like this. I bet that if they got back all the money gotten as a result of fraud, we would no longer have the financial problems we have. For those who spent the money, they work off their debt to our government. Should be no leniency for fraud and theft!

  6. H in Baltimore

    Just a shout out to say, sounds like Despicable Me 3 material. Know it’s not funny to say, but I couldn’t resist since I just saw the movie. Good luck. Will spread the word.

  7. C Stewart

    Spreading around the documented fraud, to as many people as possible, will alert many people of who to look at if anything were to happen. Three letters: FBI

  8. Dannica T.

    I have no sympathy for anyone who went to such lengths to get away with such fraud. You need to be careful. People like that are often desperate to avoid being brought to justice. Watch your back, and keep your eyes open. She obviously didnt care about risk involved with the fraud. Deception, risk and aggressive behavior go hand in hand. Be vigilant!

  9. bobby k

    You should start one of those online petitions to get the attention of your Senator on this issue. Law enforcement is one thing, but the people who make these laws that are broken have greater power to see that they are brought to justice.

  10. patti

    There is much written about fraud, waste and abuse in our government, and Obama has pledged this to be a priority. Given our nation’s economic troubles, this should be a priority to recoup monies from those perpetrators of fraud. Recovery of the money, AND fines, are more than appropriate.

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