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A Fraudster’s Deposition Can Be Useful

The story of John Beale who worked as a high-ranking official at the EPA while lying for years about being a CIA agent, has been written about extensively.  You can see one story on it by clicking HERE.  He referred to his tendency of lying as “something like an addiction”.  He was able to fraudulently get $900,000 and other benefits from our government while working for it.  Mr. Beale was deposed by the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in December of 2013.  There is a lot that you can learn about fraud by reading the transcript of the fraudster’s deposition.  Here are some of the highlights from that 263 page deposition:


After a quick check-in to ensure that Mr. Beale understood that knowingly providing false testimony could subject him to criminal prosecution (PG 10), he went on to confirm that he had been able to take advantage of flaws in management at the EPA (PG 41).


He reported that people didn’t ask him to provide verification because they blindly trusted him.


He went on to say that “ think you know them and you think you can trust them..” (PG 42)


It was refreshing to see him honestly report that he “..abused that trust and.. betrayed that trust..”.


Paperwork that would have verified information given/reported wasn’t demanded by the immediate supervisor who in fact was Beale’s buddy.  (nice to have friends at work who will cover for you)


He profited from that lie, at the expense of the Federal government and taxpayers.

He self-surrendered, which undoubtedly led to him being sentenced with the time that he did (32 months), as opposed to what could have happened had they had to chase him down and unravel false statements and doctored documents attempting to provide false alibis. His liquidation of his assets in order to immediately repay the government a substantial amount of his fraudulently received money, helped him also in the end.  He also liquidated all of his retirement funds, including his Thrift Savings Plan and mutual fund accounts.


He also received handicapped parking based on his fraudulent claim of being a Vietnam veteran with malaria.  He DIDN’T have malaria, and he didn’t even serve in Vietnam.  That lie of his cost the EPA (and the taxpayers) about $8000 per year.  They also found that he had abused his travel vouchers (remember, where there is smoke, there is fire).


His deposition is definitely a good read.  The Oversight folks got a lot of material to work with as they try to unravel the puzzle of who did what and who knew what.  Weeds need a fertile environment in order to grow, so you have to learn what makes the environment fertile if you want to kill them.  He did the best thing he could when he said the following:  “You see a pattern here of me lying to and deceiving people who trusted me, and in hindsight, I can’t see a good purpose other than, you  know, manipulating them.” (PG 150)  That was the TRUTH.


The whole deposition can be found by clicking HERE


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The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

If someone intends to lie, there is really only 3 types of lies, according to the former CIA officers who wrote the book, Spy The Lie. A lie of commission is just a lie with no possible argument to be successfully made about it. If you report that you bought a vehicle with a friend’s cash, but it was really bought by the use of cash from your house and accounts with your name on them (and not the friends’), then you’ve told a lie of commission, which is not telling THE TRUTH. A lie of omission occurs when someone leaves out information, and therefore lies because they have. If you say that a vehicle was bought for you with “someone’s cash”, but you fail to disclose that the SOMEONE was yourself, then you told a lie of omission, and therefore did not tell THE WHOLE TRUTH. A lie of influence is one in which a person tries to get you think of something else with the answers they give to your questions, instead of the ones the question attempted to elicit. You may be asked about multiple and large withdrawals of money from your bank accounts that were illegal for you to do, and respond by saying “My schedules were completed by my attorneys in accordance with the best information available at the time”. This would likely be designed to try to spread the possible blame onto other parties, or at least create doubt as to who is culpable, but it wouldn’t actually be answering the original question. But doing so would violate the NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH mandate.



Why do people do these various forms of lying? The former CIA officers write that it may be because the “facts aren’t on their side”. When they aren’t on your side, you dig yourself into an even bigger grave if you have trouble keeping your story straight. It is often times helpful to either record people, or transcribe what they are saying so that you can review later what they did (or attempted to do). There’s a great deal that you can learn about people lying from a review of transcripts, which investigators are trained to do.



In the process of trying to get the truth from someone, investigators are also trained to tell when a person is trying to buy more time by repeating questions, deflecting the inquiry elsewhere, attempting to obtain sympathy with things that don’t relate to the purpose, or launch an attack because of being cornered by the eminent revelation of the truth. It’s a heck of a thing to be able to see that someone is lying despite their best efforts to try to convince others that they are telling the truth.



There is an unprecedented movement to find the fraud that has been hiding in the dark corners of many government offices. As the saying goes, you can run, but you can’t hide. At least not for long. That’s the WHOLE TRUTH!

Information on the book can be found by going HERE

Good luck with that!

Good luck with that!


A Site Recap for Newbies

The site has expanded in ways that we didn’t originally plan, and since we have more planned for 2014, we wanted to pay homage to our original goals in order to do a check to see how we’ve done.

We originally sought to explore the following with our Pisces, Gail R. Proctor:

1) How easy is it for someone to defraud the Federal Government for years undetected?

2) Is it possible for someone to create a person out of thin air and get financial benefit from it for years?

3) Can a person take paperwork from a Federal agency, and submit an altered version of it to a related State agency, undetected, and get financial benefit?

4) Can a person claim a disability that doesn’t exist, and get paid for it?

5) How easy is it to conceal assets, stockpile money and give false statements on your Federal bankruptcy schedules under the alleged “penalty of perjury”?

6) How easy is it to claim that you live in a State that has no income taxes, in order to avoid paying taxes in another State where you do live (that has taxes)?

And here are the posts that have been done, that address each of the above subject areas.

It all surfaced on mortgage applications for houses that were secretively in bankruptcy:


Which led to the REAL fake husband of Ms. Gail Renai Proctor’s that appears to be:


Which led to finding this:


Is there disability fraud going on?

False claims of Florida residency in order to avoid paying Maryland taxes

Continuing to operate a business in Maryland without paying its MD personal property tax or filing a company tax returns with IRS

Making false statements in order to try to quiet someone who knows your Federal fraud:

Committing Bankruptcy fraud (same old pattern of fraudulent statements):

This one was a bonus, not on our original list.  Maryland First-Time Homebuyer fraud:


This is meant to be a recap for those who want to quickly know the main focus of this site.  More to come! Thanks for sharing us with your friends, and we appreciate your comments.

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